Making Peace With Your Parents

A Deep-Dive Session

Making peace with your parents is one of the most critical things you’ll ever do for your own personal development, health and growth.

It doesn’t matter if your parents are still alive or not—this is a private process just for you.

But even though there’s no face-to-face confrontation in this process, it can still be very difficult to do—especially if you have suffered a traumatic childhood.

If you did, it’s something you share with many others.

More than 20 percent of children are sexually molested by a parent, around 25 percent are regularly beaten, and a quarter of us are brought up in a household destroyed by alcoholism.

But perhaps your parents’ influence was more subtle.

You may have had a relatively happy childhood but still your parents left a shadow that looms over you and tells you how the world works—and subtly tells you how you should behave in it and what your expectations should be.

Either way, it’s vital for your own health, wellbeing and growth that you make your peace with them.

Yes, it’s vital for your health, too. People who suffered three or more different types of trauma as children—perhaps their parents shouted at them, abused them or hit them—are four times more likely to suffer a chronic health problem as an adult, even 50 years after the events happened.

Most therapies can help moderate their influence—but too often the benefits can be short-lived or superficial.

That’s because no therapy has grasped the radical idea that time is an energy.

This realisation is at the heart of Time-Light therapy—and it came about because I was emotionally abused as a child. Having screamed at me that I was very stupid, my father then didn’t speak to me again for the next six years.

As an adult, I plunged into depression, not linking the problem to the abuse.

After years of this, I had the deep realisation that everything about us is time. We’re made up of layers of time, and things that happened to us are as alive today as the moment they happened.

The therapy is being trialled in a German clinic, and it has helped thousands of people discover true happiness in their lives for the first time and released many others to live a fulfilled and creative life.

Here are just a few and what they had to say:

A unique approach to learning why we are rarely present in our lives, what the causes are and how to reverse them.
– R Laird

Time-Light is an original contribution to the restoration of sanity in anyone mired in the insanity of the past – Al Braidwood

Time-Light is simple and profound.
– Peter Trace

Time-Light explains the root cause of depression, anger and anxiety in a manner that makes life much less of a mystery.
– Mary Thurlow

Bryan Hubbard explains it well because he lived it and studied the reasons behind it. There can be no better teacher than one who both knows and understands.
– Deborah Childs


The Deep-Dive Session

The deep-dive session takes you to the very heart of the mystery of who you are and teaches you the space and freedom to make peace with your parents.

It’s a one-hour audio recording that you can play in your car, while you’re jogging or walking, or just sitting at home.

It’s full of simple, yet profound, exercises that gently loosen the grip your parents may still have over you.

The session will teach you:

  • How time is an energy, not a dimension
  • How the past still influences the things you do today
  • What a ‘time-heavy’ experience is, and why it matters

The session will show you:

  • How your parents were also caught up in their own ‘time-heavy’ experiences
  • How your body traps your own ‘time-heavy’ experiences, and how you can get rid of them
  • How you can go back for a Time-Completion exercise

Making Peace with your Parents is your first step on the vast and deep Time-Light journey.

I look forward to being with you on a path that will utterly change your life and open up your world to freedom, happiness and creativity.

  • If you want to understand and change the dynamics of your own story and your life, this is for you.
  • I recommend this for anyone who is spiritually open-minded and looking for a new freedom in life.

  • Very inspiring, a wonderful example to internalize and follow!

  • By taking responsibility of our lives, changing ourselves, not blaming others for our life, you can create your own reality. Thank you Bryan!
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