Why Most Of Us Mess
Up Some Of The Time

It doesn’t matter whether it’s being a parent, husband or wife, or business person—somewhere in our lives we always seem to mess up.

We keep on making the same mistakes, and it could be in our relationships or with money, or with something else; it’s almost as if we’re set in a pattern—and the truth is, we are.

That pattern comes from the past. But this makes sense only if you see that time is not a dimension at all, but an energy. Past trauma, disappointment, upset, hurt and so on. . .they’re as alive in you today as the day they happened.

Imagine the past is an energetic ball and you’re trapped in its gravitational pull, forever orbiting around it; that’s what is happening to you now and every day.

The way out of this orbit is really seeing what is happening, recognising the energetic nature of time and how it creates and shapes your life today—and a ‘you’ that has the problem in the process.

I'm Bryan Hubbard...

and I developed the Time-Light therapy after I had suffered longterm abuse as a child. I plunged into chronic depression as an adult, and I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.

I also had anger problems, and would flare up at the slightest provocation. Oh, and I had low self-esteem to complete the set.

I sort of knew that my problems had something to do with my unhappy childhood …but one day, when I was at the end of my rope, it hit me as hard as a stonemason’s hammer.

Find out the secret that’s hiding in plain sight

I discovered the one big secret that explains why we mess up  It’s something therapists don’t understand and yet all the time it’s been hiding in plain sight. 

The thousands who’ve already used my approach have seen their lives transform.  Their lives have opened up, they stop repeating destructive patterns – in short, they are happy and fulfilled.  It’s also been adopted by a major clinic in Germany, who are starting to use my methods with their most ‘difficult’ patients.

I’ve prepared a series of short ‘instant courses’ that look specifically at the issues you may be facing in your life, and you can find out more about them on this site. 

If you:

  • Make bad choices in your relationships
  • Constantly have money problems
  • Are trapped by your addictions (gambling, alcohol, drugs, porn)
  • Have no self confidence
  • Suffer from longterm depression or anxiety
  • Have a hair-trigger temper that destroys everyone around you

Then one of our Instant Courses could help you.

I wish you well, and may you be Time-Light.

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