the five ways to heal

free three-part course series

Self-sabotaging?  Not fulfilling your dreams? Repeating patterns in your life?

See your issues – and yourself – in a whole new way, so you can live your best possible life. The Time-Light programme has helped thousands of others and it can help you too.

I’m Bryan Hubbard, and I suffered years of chronic depression before I came to an understanding of what was happening to me. These revelations formed the bedrock of my revolutionary Time-Light programme. 

I’ve put together a FREE three-part course series, to start you on your journey to a happy and joyful life.

These bitesize video sessions will cover:

  • The troublesome thirteen
  • The ACEs you don’t want
  • The five ways to heal

Download this three-part course series for free!

"Really helped me a lot to live in the present and not allow the past to rule my life. It's been a couple of months since I did this, but it was not only a life SAVER but a life CHANGER for me." - Millie
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