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how time creates your world

As we get older, and have more experiences, the here and now becomes less apparent. We become time-heavy. The mess we make of our life demonstrates this. We fall out of love, we divorce, we struggle with money, we take antidepressants, drugs or alcohol or all three; we get stuck in jobs we can’t stand, we have children we can’t communicate with any more, we spend hours watching TV programs we don’t like, and finally, when we collapse exhausted into our bed, we don’t sleep. For the rest of the time we have mood swings, we get irritable, and we suffer bouts of depression and despondency. It’s as though we have been possessed by an entity over which we have almost no control.

I’m going to show you how your past makes up your reality, and why you will continue to relive your experiences until you understand that you are living life on permanent repeat. The most common symptom of this recurring past is depression, anxiety and a sense of pointlessness. Its most common manifestation is a pattern of addictions.

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