The Untrue Story of You


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The life-changing realization about The Untrue Story of You

You’re the central player in the drama of your life.

Sometimes it all gets a little too much, and you get angry, or depressed, anxious, irritated, have mood swings, or suffer from addictions. And because you’re the central player, you try to do something about these ‘bad’ behaviour patterns.

  • Perhaps you work on yourself, or you seek therapy or counselling, or perhaps you seek out more material possessions, in the hope they will paper over the cracks.
  • Perhaps instead you become ‘more spiritual’ and find a guru in the hope of becoming enlightened.

And when you do, everyone goes along with the idea that you’re the central player who can control or change your behaviour.

But it’s the biggest illusion of all time.

I discovered this for myself after I suffered from chronic depression for more than 10 years. Eventually I got to the question: who is depressed? And when I looked and looked, there was nobody there! Instead, there’s a body that is lived through by thoughts and emotions, that all bubble up from past experiences.

As the central koan of the book states: the thought thinks the thinker.

When you come to realize this amazing truth, you will have a feeling of freedom, creativity and joy that you couldn’t imagine.


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