The one thing you’re not doing to live a long and healthy life

Great, you’re doing all the right things to live a long and healthy life.  You’re eating a good diet, you’re exercising, and you’re getting good sleep.

But you could be missing something – and it’s been described as one of the biggest causes of chronic disease that nobody talks about.

Back in 1997, researchers from Kaiser Permanente put together 18 things that can happen to us in family life when we’re children – everything from our parents shouting at us, or divorcing, or hitting us, right through to sexual abuse and rape.

The researchers called them Adverse Childhood Events, or ACEs – and they made an amazing discovery.  People who suffered six or more ACEs were twice as likely to die prematurely then someone who suffered only one or two.  They were also twice as likely to suffer chronic health problems like cancer or heart disease.

An unhappy childhood has been described as one of the major threats to our health – and yet nobody seems to know it.

I was on that path after suffering abuse as a small boy – until I woke up.  I had a profound revelation after suffering from chronic depression for 10 years, and this revelation changed my life, profoundly and deeply.

The revelation became the foundation of Time-Light, a therapy that has helped thousands of people unlock a past that can affect their health today.

I’ve recorded a two-part course that explains all and gives you the one missing part to your healthy lifestyle.  And it could be the most important part of them all. Check it out today…

It could be the best thing you do this year...

Part 1: The Introductory Course - £110

The Introductory Course serves as your gateway into the world of Time-Light. This series of 12 captivating video sessions are more than an introduction; it’s a deep dive into the current and past versions of your self.

With Bryan as your guide, you will:

  • See Yourself Clearly: Begin your journey with a clear-eyed view of who you are today, laying the foundation for transformative change.
  • Understand the Power of Time: Learn the groundbreaking concept that time is not linear but an energy unleashed during moments of trauma and crisis.
  • Equip Yourself with Healing Tools: Gain access to powerful tools that will help you unravel and heal the wounds of the past, setting you free to craft a brighter future.
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Part 2: Going Deeper - £140

Going Deeper takes you further into the heart of the Time-Light philosophy. Across a series of eleven bitesize video sessions, you will:

  • Uncover the Revelations of Time-Light: Explore how time fragments your being into three distinct selves and the profound implications of their interactions.
  • Transcend Traditional Therapy: Discover the limitations of conventional therapy and equip yourself with radical new tools for personal transformation.
  • Master Time-Light Meditation: Learn a unique meditation technique that will change your relationship with the past.
  • Reimagine Spiritual Practices: Embrace the powerful practices of gratitude and forgiveness in completely new and transformative ways.
  • Live a 360-Degree Life: Find the path to a life that is holistic, balanced, and full of potential.
Level 2_Frontcover

Special Offer: The Combined Journey - £220

For those ready to embrace the full transformative power of Time-Light we offer a special combined package. Enroll in both courses for a total of £220 and embark on a comprehensive journey of healing and self-discovery.

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About Bryan Hubbard

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Bryan suffered years of chronic depression before he came to his radical understanding of what was happening to him, revelations that formed the bedrock of his revolutionary Time-Light therapy.

Essentially, he realised that there was no difference between ‘him’ and the depression—and that ‘he’ was the depression.

Bryan tested and modified his revelations in workshops before he wrote two books about the therapy, Time-Light and The Untrue Story of You.

The radical therapy is now being trialled in a German psychiatric clinic, and its discoveries have already helped many thousands of people overcome the influences and traumas of their past.

Bryan is a journalist, publisher and co-editor of the international alternative health magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which is published in nine countries.

Prior to launching his own publishing group, Bryan held editorships of a variety of prominent EMAP and Financial Times Group titles, including Money Week, Money Business and Small Company Investor.


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