Three Extraordinary Ways To Heal Your Past

The issues you face in your life are the result of time.

Yes, time is a living energy that gets created when you experience trauma or something that cut deep.  Usually, this happened when you were small – but it can happen at any time in your life.

Time-Light is a revolutionary therapy I created after I suffered years of chronic depression.  Three extraordinary ways to heal your past are recognising that:

  1. Time is energetic; it’s not a dimension

  2. Time is created when there’s a trauma or an experience that cut deep

  3. Time creates a ‘you’ that is created by the trauma. This means there is absolutely no difference between ‘you’ and the trauma, or its symptoms, such as anger, or not feeling good enough, for instance.
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Interested?  Find out more by watching a short video I’ve created that takes you a little deeper in the Time-Light therapy.  It’s already helped thousands of people, and it’s been trialled at a clinic in Germany – and I know it can help you, too.

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Bryan Hubbard

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