Author name: Bryan Hubbard

The cause of bipolar (and every other mental condition)

Bipolar disorder—once known as manic depression—is a serious mental condition.  The alarming highs and lows associated with the problem are controlled by powerful drugs, but neuroscientists are at a loss as to what is actually going on. Most assume it’s a genetic problem, and some believe it could be caused by a chemical imbalance.  But …

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How we can be free

I’ve been enjoying Sarah Bakewell’s new book At The Existential Café (Chatto & Windus), which explores the origins and development of existential philosophy. It traces the movement’s beginnings back to Kierkegaard, and how Husserl and his student, Martin Heidegger, developed it further,  but the book’s main focus is on Jean-Paul Sartre and his life-long companion …

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Depression is a memory

It’s blindingly obvious (when you think about it): depression is the result of events that have happened in our life.  It’s not caused by our genes or by some chemical imbalance in the brain—it’s caused by the memory of difficult, traumatic, life-altering experiences. Psychologists have finally admitted this week that this is, by far, the …

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True transformation

It’s been called ‘therapy wars’: the Freudian psychoanalysts have been trying to win back ground taken by the newer upstart, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which has become the standard treatment for everything from anxiety and depression to procrastination. CBT is considered by its detractors to be something of a quick fix, and one that is …

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