A new spiritual therapy

What is Time-Light and why should I care about it? 

Time-Light is a philosophy, a self-help or personal development aid, it’s a way of shedding depression and addictions, it’s a path to enlightenment.  It’s all these things – and yet it’s more than the sum of its parts.  So here’s some short-hand for you: it’s a new spiritual therapy.

Why do you need therapy? 

Everybody needs therapy!  And that gets us to the second question, why should you care?  Time-Light deals with the questions you never ask!  You have experiences in the world without giving a moment’s thought to this entity – this I – that is having the experience.  We all assume that, somehow, I am a continuous, substantial, self-willed agent.  This I might need more happiness or joy, more money, success, recognition.  But all along this I is nothing more than the past – and, as you age, you become more time-heavy.

Time-Light seeks to unravel time in you until you become, as little children again, and are time-light – with little time or space between ‘you’ and the world that apparently sits outside of you.

That’s it in a nutshell – and you can’t get much in one of those.

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