Why change is possible

Time-Light is about how our past keeps recreating our present.  It’s also about my own personal journey and discoveries as I came to understand my own depression – and what this means to you in your life.

The ultimate message of Time-Light is a very inspiring one: whatever has happened to you, whatever the emotional prison in which you find yourself, it is in your power to change, to burst through.  You can transform your entire life – once you understand the processes taking place, and who ‘you’ are, the central player of your own life.

I know because I have done it, and those who’ve already read Time-Light are making the amazing discovery that it’s happening to them, too.

There’s one class of neuroscience and biology – and we can call them the ‘materialists’ – who maintain that change is not possible because chronic problems such as depression, anxiety and addiction are the result of our genes, our biochemistry or our physical brains, or all three.

I’m pleased to report that they’ve been proved wrong.  In an extraordinary piece of research delivered this week to the Society of Neuroscience’s annual meeting, researchers have revealed that childhood experiences change the physical brain.  The way the brain’s amygdale connects to other regions is determined by early experiences of anxiety and depression.

This goes some way towards providing a biological explanation for the Time-Light theory that we relive our past – but it also suggests a grim determinism that once the amygdale is ‘fixed’ we cannot break free from the past’s iron grip.

There’s another way of looking at, too.  If our experiences shape the brain, is it not possible that new experience – or, more precisely, our way of consciously seeing old experiences and patterns – has the ability to reshape the brain?

In discovering the Time-Light process, did I change my own physical brain, and, in so doing, escape the patterning of the past?  I can’t know (and it doesn’t matter because I maintain that the ‘physical’ is merely energy that is made palpable by the senses).

What does matter is that it is possible for you, right now.  Whether your life is humdrum or mundane, or whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression or addiction of any kind, you can change – just by seeing the process of thought and the creation of psychological time happening at every moment.

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