Why New Year resolutions fail

A New Year, a new beginning.  Were you one of the many who made a Resolution this year?  And will you be among the vast majority who will forget it by February at the latest?

Most of make a Resolution to improve some aspect of our behaviour, and we all fall back into our bad old ways pretty quickly, too.

But why?  It’s because we are all victims of a mental conjuring trick that’s so clever it fools us every time.  And not just at the beginning of each New Year, but every day, all year round – and very likely your whole life.

When you look at it closely, you will see that any desire to change involves a ‘you’ that is in Command Central, and a habit, response or attitude that is separate.  The assumption is that Command Central You is a conscious, autonomous entity that can force the unacceptable aspect to change.  Perhaps the thing you want to change is an unconscious, involuntary behavioural pattern, such as smoking.

As one of the central tenets of Time-Light makes clear, the Command Central You is merely a thought form that is created during the actual process of thinking.  As such, there can’t be unconscious or sub-conscious patterns because they would require a conscious entity to suppress them in the first place.

And the thought form that seeks change or transformation is a by-product of the emotional pulse that is supposedly ‘bad’.

So the pulse that makes you smoke also produces the Command Central you that seeks to change that which it is.

As it’s an endless loop, it’s exhausted by February, and nothing changes!





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