The most extraordinary thing about you

I read the most extraordinary thing about you the other day.

According to biologist Rupert Sheldrake (The Science Delusion, Coronet, 2012), every cell in the human brain is renewed every four months or so.  This means that your brain is utterly different from what it was last November.

But although every cell has been renewed, your memory hasn’t been affected.  You can recall – as you could in November – your name, where you live, your marital status, your work, and so on.

And you can still remember the way you were bullied at school, or the time you scraped your knee in a nasty biking accident – and, since those times, your brain has completely renewed itself 90 times or more.

This is a real problem for the materialists.  It suggests that memory doesn’t sit in the brain at all – how could it?  The whole web of connected memories that create identity and self would also be somewhere else.

So where is it?  It can’t be somewhere else in your body – or even dispersed through your body – because that renews itself as frequently as your brain, and so the same issue applies.

As I explain in my book Time-Light, your memory is an energy field that uses the brain as an instrument.  It is a non-physical phenomenon that is created in, and works through, time and space.  So the idea that’s popular right now that you can change your brain to change your thoughts is incomplete – and the wrong way round,

Change your thoughts, and your brain begins to react differently.  So how do you change your thoughts?  Well, that process begins when you realise that there’s no ‘you’ as a thinker – that is another illusion created by the thought itself.

You begin by realising there is only thought – which gets ‘you’ off the hook as an agent for change, so that’s a good start!

Why do these thoughts happen?  They are a constant rerun of the past.  And why do they happen?  Because they are memories of incomplete experience that are seeking to reach completeness, a conclusion (which, by the way, is why the same things keep repeating in your life).  Why do we have incomplete experiences?  Because they were events that placed ‘you’ at the center – and we’ve already seen that ‘you’ are a creation of thought in the first place.

How does the process stop?  When you realise you are being time – and your natural state is just being.  Be Time-Light.

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