Can you help us take Time-Light to the next phase?

A friend had some good and bad news for me about the Time-Light book.  The good news was that he considered it the most important book he’d read in more than 20 years.  The bad news was that he found it a struggle to understand, and apparently he is rated in the top 2 per cent of brainy people.

I don’t think I’m a towering genius or that Time-Light is actually that hard to ‘get’ – I think it’s that the thinking part of the brain is trying to understand the problem when, all along, it is the problem.

For that reason, Time-Light is intellectually difficult – but, when you stop trying, it’s easy!

Nonetheless, his comments got me thinking (!), and I recognise that reading is not the best way for most people to absorb new information.

For a while I’ve been planning to write a new book – but actually what I need to do is convey the information in a different, and more accessible, format.  And that format is probably video, which will include interviews, slides, talks, and so on.

Fortunately, my friend who started this line of thought also happens to be a film-maker, so that’ll teach him.

But before we embark on this new phase, I want to hear from you.   Is this something you’d welcome?  If so, what subject areas would most interest you?

To help me better understand your interests, would you complete a simple 12-question survey?  Here’s the link to it:

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