How your past affects you right now

Very few of us get that the past is very much alive and well. It is an energetic pattern that lives on in us and shapes our life and even our health every day. It can be the cause of depression and anxiety, of addiction, of chronic illness—and will even determine how long we will live.

It’s the central message of my new book, The Untrue Story of You, but it’s also the subject of more and more research studies. One, mentioned in the book, discovered that adults who had suffered three or more ‘adverse experiences’ when they were children died prematurely, and certainly before others who suffered one or none of the experiences.

It affects our health too. One study found that sufferers of osteoarthritis were more likely to have been abused as children, while Jews born before the Second World Wear, and were aware of the Holocaust, were more likely to develop cancer than Jewish children born after the war.

It doesn’t end with our own past. It happens through the generations and families, and you may have noticed patterns appearing in your own family grouping.

The past isn’t just something that’s ‘there’. Increasingly, it becomes us, it is our thoughts, the way we behave in the world, and it even shapes the world we live in.

Until you wake up to this process, you will continue to live out the past in your life today. And you can wake up…

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