The greatest grief

How do we ever get over the death of a small child?  All of can deeply empathise with any parent who has had to go through the anguish of losing their baby or toddler – and it’s a sadness that never goes away.

In fact, parents who lose a child are far more likely themselves to die young, a new piece of research has discovered.  These parents are twice a likely to die in the 15 years after the death of their child than someone who does not endure such grief.


The ladybird’s lesson

It was a glorious day of full sunshine, although too late in the season to rescue another disastrous English summer.  I could feel the sun’s warmth on me as I sat in a park, waiting for some friends to show.  They were late.

Just then, I felt a scratching on my neck.  Instinctively, I brushed the area, and a ladybird fell onto the table in front of me.  Concerned that I had damaged it, I pushed it gently with my nail.  Nothing.  Then again.  Still nothing.  After a third nudge, the ladybird started walking away from my finger.

A new spiritual therapy

What is Time-Light and why should I care about it? 

Time-Light is a philosophy, a self-help or personal development aid, it’s a way of shedding depression and addictions, it’s a path to enlightenment.  It’s all these things – and yet it’s more than the sum of its parts.  So here’s some short-hand for you: it’s a new spiritual therapy.

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