Do you have a soul?

Many of us use terms such as soul and spirit as a type of short-hand – I do so myself when I call Time-Light a ‘spiritual therapy’.

But do we have a soul?  Are we spirits?  Many like to think so.  It’s comforting to imagine that whatever happens in this life, I will eventually return to my essential soul self.

The Time-Light model does not include a soul.  Yes, there is our third self – which I call the Potential – that is outside of space and time, but, as such, is impersonal.  There cannot be an individual self outside of space and time; we need both dimensions in order to exist.

Ultimately, that is the quest of Time-Light – to demonstrate that the idea of a permanent and continuous self is just that, an idea that has been built over time and through experiences we never quite understood.  Any experience that is not fully witnessed – or understood – leaves an energetic footprint that will repeat into the present, creating the idea of a self.  As we get older, we become more time-heavy – we carry around the weight of the past, and see the world through its lenses.

The great mystery of life is just that: a case of mistaken identity.  And when you really ‘get’ that, you are time-light, you are free.  When the Past self dissolves through love, compassion and understanding, the Potential will naturally rise up; the timeless fuses with time and the infinite with space.

Then you bring God (another piece of short-hand) into the world, and that is your true purpose.

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