The thought that thinks you into being

Just as the Japanese prince wondered if he was a man who had vividly dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly still dreaming he was a man, are you a person having thoughts or are thoughts thinking you into being?

Most of us assume that there is a conscious controller in Command Central, a substantial ‘you’ that uses thoughts to solve problems and achieve things in life.

But supposing it’s the other way round.  Suppose the thought comes first, and pre-packed with that is the idea of ‘you’ that thinks it’s the thinker having the thought!

All of this may appear to be very esoteric, and strange – but it’s essential to everything that happens in your life.  Let’s, for example, say that you are unhappy; it’s a vague sense with feelings of being unfulfilled, and somehow missing out, all mixed together.

To remedy that, you may try to become a millionaire, or start taking drugs, or become famous, or even seek enlightenment – but nothing seems to work.

Why?  That’s because there was never a central, substantial you who was unhappy in the first place.  There were only thoughts of unhappiness that then created a ‘you’ that thought it was unhappy!

This is one of the central messages of Time-Light, which teaches you how to observe these thoughts and how they construct ‘you’.

But what is a thought and where does it come from?  Well, that’s for another time. . .

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