See Jane – I’m miserable

From the day we began at nursery or kindergarten, we were taught the subjective pronouns, such as ‘you’, ‘he’ and ‘she’.  They point to something ‘outside’ – you or the ubiquitous Jane, Janet or John, for instance, who always seem to be running or skipping.

The personal pronoun – I – also makes sense when it ‘points’ at something related to my own body, such as when we say: “My leg hurts” or even “I am hungry” or “I am tired”.

But it all gets a little more tricky when we make existential statements such as “I am miserable” or “I am sick and tired of being in this marriage”.  Are we saying that I – as in my body – is miserable?  Bodies might get ill, but they don’t get miserable, or even sick and tired of a marriage, so what exactly is this I pointing to?

Most of us would shrug our shoulders at this point, and say, “Well, it’s me!”

So. . .the I points to me that is not the body.  Most strange.

This puzzle is where Time-Light begins; it starts by asking the question: Who am I?  What is this in me that gets miserable and tired of a marriage if it is not my body?

Essentially, this ‘I’ is made up of three selves or time-bodies: the Present, Past and Potential.  Each of them ‘thinks’ – but in that process they create an ‘I’ that thinks it thinks!  As I said in an earlier blog, the thought thinks the thinker.


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