Your shortcut to spiritual enlightenment (without a guru)

The other day I was reading the e-book “Stripping the Gurus”.  Although some people believe that the author, Geoffrey D Falk, has a ‘skeptical agenda’, it nonetheless is a sobering catalogue of abuse, violence, predatory sexual behaviour, alcoholism and rampant egoism – involving supposedly enlightened spiritual beings, many of whom are well known.

Psychological, and sometimes physical, bullying and abuse is always possible in any relationship when someone has the power and someone else wants it.  There are also just as many fakers as fakirs out there – so be careful.

You can shortcut this whole troublesome process if you really ‘get’ the Time-Light super-charged koan:

The thought thinks the thinker.

If you do ’get’ it – and by which I mean a deep “a-ha” moment that resonates for days afterwards and just makes you smile – then you know that this ‘me’ that wants to be enlightened is a creation of a thought that comes from a sense of unhappiness, unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, and the like.

The one difference between the guru and the pupil is the thought – the latter doesn’t think he or she is enlightened (or really understands the term anyway, or what the ‘state’ of enlightenment even looks or feels like).  In fact, a ‘genuine guru’ can precisely explain all of this and every step on the path, without resorting to mumbo-jumbo or ancient traditions.  And if he can’t, grab your suitcase and run.

But get all of this and you don’t need the guru.

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