My darkest secret

The past has its own life.  Its patterns continue to live through us, affecting our actions, the way we live and the world.  As a result, we live our life on constant repeat until we wake up to the process that, ultimately, deprives us of joy and happiness.

As we become more conscious, we can start seeing the patterns that are created from experiences we never understood at the time – we weren’t fully present – but these patterns run deeper still, and through the generations.

On a radio interview I did recently, the presenter praised me for my honesty in my book, Time-Light, and how I had openly talked about my childhood and how that had shaped me.

But I was holding out.  There was a darker secret that I never revealed but that demonstrates the enormous power of past hurts and misunderstandings.

Years after my first marriage, my parents revealed to me a terrible dark secret that had gnawed at the very heart of their marriage.  I had never known, and I was devastated – not just for them, but because the same dark secret was living in the heart of my marriage, too.  (Sorry, because there are people alive today who would be affected, I cannot tell you what that secret was).

It is a mysterious process, and one that can’t be explained by genetics or even by epigenetics, which studies environmental effects on genetic profiling.  Something else was going on – it was the energetic imprinting from the past, and I was doomed to replay the family’s secret until I, or my parents, woke up to the patterns, and ended them.

Every family has its secrets.  Gambling, alcoholism, other addictions, violence, money problems – so the patterns affect the generations, until someone wakes up, realizes the crazy-making going on, and becomes free, becomes time-light.

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