When true healing happens

A wonderful young journalist who, amongst other things, is helping her mother overcome cancer without resorting to chemotherapy interviewed me the other day.  She wanted to talk because of her interest in my Time-Light philosophy and because I helped my own mother beat breast cancer when she was given just three months to live.

There’s a strong connection between the Time-Light model and healing.  The model suggests that ‘we’ are made up of three time bodies or selves: Present, Past and the Potential.  As such, there are three root causes of cancer, and any chronic disease.  There are physical causes, such as smoking, diet and pollution (Present), there are emotional causes (Past) and there is the suppression of our creative, and most loving, instincts – the very reason we’re here on earth (Potential).

A chronic condition can have its cause in any one of the three bodies, or from a combination of several or all three.  Our good friend Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, tells his cancer patients to clean up their act in terms of their lifestyle and diet and give themselves permission to do the very thing they’ve always suppressed or ignored, such as painting or singing.  The results are often remarkable.

My own mother, who was cared for by Dr Patrick Kingsley in the UK, certainly had to clean up her act while she was receiving massive doses of vitamin C intravenously twice a week.  And while those were the obvious, physical reasons for her miraculous healing, there was a third, less palpable, reason: the whole family expressed their great love for her.  She probably knew she was loved, but it’s something else when it is openly expressed.

This warm and wonderful feeling of love is actually an expression of one-ness and unity, and it is the most delicious you will ever have.  It happens when the Potential is allowed to rise and dominate.  The Potential is impersonal, and it’s outside of space and time – and the miracle of life is bringing this into space and time and through a human body.

When that happens, true healing begins.

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