If we change, can we change the world?

If we change, can we change the world?  And have you noticed that everyone climbs Everest these days?

Surprisingly, these two questions are linked, and the second provides the key to the first.

The idea of personal transformation – enlightenment, if you will – is at the heart of all religions.  Jesus believed that his teachings would change the person, and the world, and bring heaven to earth.

But even if personal change is possible, how can we change the world at the same time?

As Time-Light explains, your splendour and magnificence is in the Potential centre, the impersonal ‘you’ that sits outside of time and space.  Enlightenment is the extent that you realise you are ultimately this Potential centre.  As it’s an impersonal and unified field of becoming, your realisation of it in and through your body and the world affects the whole.

Another way of understanding that is by looking at the conquest of Mount Everest.  When it was climbed for the first time in 1953, it was a world event, making front-page news everywhere.

Today, everyone climbs it for fun.  So what has happened?  Has the mountain suddenly become smaller and easier to climb?  Or have we evolved giant legs since 1953?  Neither, of course.

The change has occurred in the Potential centre.  It’s as though those who have gone before us have carved steps to make the climb easier for us.

When we change, we change the whole, and make it a little easier for others to follow.


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