Making it stick

After a talk I gave the other week, a woman came up to me with a very well-thumbed copy of Time-Light, with lots of underlines, and pages earmarked. She reads it and re-reads it, she said, and she gets ‘it’, and then forgets ‘it’ again. So what can she do so that she always gets ‘it’?

We all ‘fall asleep’ and get trapped by the very powerful illusion that we are thinking when, in fact, the thought thinks us, as one of the central tenets of Time-Light suggests. So why does this continue to happen, even when we ‘get’ the Time-Light philosophy?

Many of us ‘get’ it at the intellectual level; it makes perfect sense, and the philosophy behind it is satisfying and logical. But can you taste it? Is it alive and vibrant in you? Are you aware of the energy pulses coming from each of the three selves, and how they create feelings and thoughts? When you do start to wake up to these processes, the question transforms from, “Why don’t you get it?” to, “What doesn’t get it?”

Until you do wake up, your dominant self is the Psychological Past, as I call it, which is the energy store of partly-understood experience. Its basis is fear and ignorance, and so its pulses create emotions and thoughts that ‘don’t get it’. By definition, it never could. The subtlety of the energetic process is such that as it creates a thought, it also creates a thinker, who then thinks: I don’t get it!

So actually there’s no ‘you’ that has to get anything. When ‘you’ say you want to be happy, blissful or enlightened, that which is not happy or unenlightened is saying it, and creates a ‘you’ as its voice.


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