We do survive death

The materialist/reductionists who seek to diminish what we are as humans will be desperately disappointed to hear that their own special God—science—has proven that something of us survives death.
Researchers from the University of Southampton have proven that our consciousness continues to function after our body has died. Near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are genuine phenomena that can’t be explained away as brain hallucinations.
Medicine had reckoned that a brain can continue living in a body whose heart has stopped for a further 20 to 30 seconds only, but the 2,060 cases investigated by the researchers show that something carries on living for minutes afterwards. No-one knows just how long consciousness might survive the body because each case was resuscitated within six minutes at the absolute outside.
All of the cases reviewed were of people who died after a cardiac arrest but were resuscitated. Of these, 46 per cent recalled some experience while they were dead. Some saw a bright light, others were being beckoned by a ‘guardian’ and others again say they floated to the ceiling of the operating theatre and observed the medical staff as they tried to resuscitate their body.

One case was of a 57-year-old social worker who was able to recall in minute detail the actions of the operating room staff, which later they confirmed were accurate. He said he also heard a monitor ‘ping’ twice; as it makes the sound once every three minutes, the researchers say he must have been clinically dead from between three and six minutes.
The researchers say there is no obvious explanation for the experiences as the body and brain were dead and had ceased to function. Consciousness, usually considered a product of brain activity, seems to exist separately from the brain.


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