Thinking makes it so

Everything is energy (hold on to that idea).  Yes, everything is energy, even including your thoughts.

If a thought is energetic, what it is and where does it come from?

All thoughts come from the past.  That past could be one second ago or a lifetime ago, but it has to be from the past.  That’s easy to see with some of our thinking; the chattering type, for instance, is always a movement from the past to an imagined future.  Watch it carefully, and you’ll see.

Even ‘good’ thinking, such as problem-solving, has to be from the past.

This constant energetic movement from past-to-future creates a sense of a substantial ‘you’, although this you is never defined.  It’s the biggest illusion of them all.

If you are fully present, you aren’t thinking.  You are either dynamically observing or acting.

So thought comes from the past, but what is it?  It’s an emotional imprint from an experience.  As energy, it has only one of several ways of expressing itself: through another energetic form that we call the body, and this can manifest as disease, or through another energetic form we call the brain, and becomes a thought, and eventually into another energetic form we call the world.

So the past can create illness, it creates thought—and indirectly ‘you’—and ultimately the world you inhabit.  The past creates patterns in your life, which is why people repeat old mistakes.

Seeing this process with vivid clarity is the surest way to escape the past that lives through you. We’ll look at that in more detail next time.

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