The past is still a headache

If you suffered physical or sexual abuse or domestic violence when you were a child, you are far more likely to suffer from migraines as an adult.  This might be dismissed as mere coincidence by those who believe every ailment must have a physical cause, but those of you who’ve read The Untrue Story of You know different.

At the heart of the book is the Time-Light theory—that the past lives on in us as an energetic entity, and one that influences our lives, our world and our health.

There’s plenty of research in the book to support the theory—and now more has been added by researchers from the University of Toronto.  After analysing the health profiles of 12,638 women and 10,358 men over the age of 18, they found that those who had suffered abuse as a child were 64 per cent more likely to suffer from migraines if they were a woman and men were 52 per cent more likely.

The researchers said the association was “surprising” and it still remained strong even after they had accounting for every possible variable that might have otherwise skewed the results.

The take-home message for the researchers was that psychologists and doctors need to be more aware of childhood abuse and the likelihood of illness as an adult.

Or they can come to fully see and forgive their past as explained in The Untrue Story of You….

(The University of Toronto study can be found at: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, 2015; doi: 10.1111/head.12614)

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